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Jan 29, 2013
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Synergy Real Estate Group Assists Hitachi Subsidiary AccSys Technology in Leasing Space for Its New Ion Accelerator Test Facility

Fremont, CA January 28, 2013

HitachiJohn Galaxidas, President and CEO of Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory, announced that the company had assisted Hitachi subsidiary AccSys Technology, Inc. in leasing a 12,000 square foot industrial property to be used as a testing facility for its ion linear accelerators. The deal continues Synergy’s prominent role representing high-technology clients in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adam Sass, Synergy’s Vice President for the San Francisco Bay Area, led the search for a property that met the specialized operational needs of AccSys’s advanced linear accelerator technology.

“AccSys was planning a test facility for our ion linear accelerators, which are widely used in such medical applications as PET scans and Proton Beam Therapy for cancer,” said Marjan Zand, Quality Assurance Manager at AccSys. “As you can imagine, particle accelerators require a lot of power, and Adam Sass of Synergy was able to quickly and accurately identify the industrial properties in our target geographic area that offered the combination of electrical service, sufficient space, secure location and other facility requirement for our test operations,” she added.

“It’s a rare opportunity and a real privilege to work with a company whose technology does so much good, and finding them the right location for their test operations was incredibly satisfying,” said Sass.

After multiple property tours coordinated by Synergy, AccSys found the right location for its test facility at 47730 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, California, at the eastern edge of Silicon Valley. Boasting 1600 amps of 3 phase industrial power and 100% HVAC, temperature-controlled facilities, it was the ideal environment for testing AccSys’s linear accelerators. An added benefit was the easy commute from AccSys headquarters in Pleasanton, California.

To differentiate itself from other commercial real estate firms, Synergy never represents landlords, only tenants. There is no cost to clients for its services. “The heart of our business is providing in-depth market knowledge, expert property search services, and skilled negotiation to our clients,” said Galaxidas. “Since landlords pay our brokerage fees, our clients receive professional representation by our tenant representatives at no added cost to themselves.”

For AccSys Technology, choosing Synergy’s services resulted in the right property at the right price. “Synergy’s team proved efficient and reliable in managing the leasing process from start to finish. We would highly recommend their services to other technology companies seeking commercial space in the Bay Area,” said Zand.

AccSys Technology is the world’s leading commercial producer of rf ion linacs (radio frequency ion linear accelerators) for medical, industrial and research applications. Founded in 1985 as a design and manufacturing company, AccSys specializes in the development, production, installation and servicing of compact ion linacs using its patented linac technology. AccSys is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most reliable commercial ion linac systems to meet the needs of its customers. For more information on AccSys Technology, Inc., please visit the AccSys web site at AccSys has been an affiliate of Hitachi, Ltd. since 2002 and now wholly owned.

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