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May 28, 2013
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Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory Completes 3rd Real Estate Requirement for NASA

NASAJohn Galaxidas, President/CEO of Synergy announced it completed its 3rd commercial real estate requirement for NASA.

NASA recently retained the services of Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory ( headquartered in San Diego, California to help them identify a hard to find space.

The facility had to be a specific depth, width, height and triangular in shape. NASA’s contractor L’Garde (, who is building the largest solar sail space craft of its kind in Tustin, California, originally hired a local tenant representation firm to help them find the space.

NASA's Solar Sail project

After spending Six (6) months with another tenant rep firm, NASA – L’Garde switched to Synergy which took only two (2) weeks to identify the property.

Why does NASA use Synergy over any other Tenant Representation firm?

“We identify space no other firm can find because we contact every Property Owner, Landlord Listing Broker and Corporation to find missed lease and sublease opportunities. Most Tenant Rep firms rely 100% on commercial listing services to identify space. At Synergy, we track every space in the local submarkets daily and will be sure that you are made aware of all possibilities, as many are not marketed publicly,” said John Galaxidas.

At Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory (, we only represent Tenants and are dedicated to our role as the Tenant Advocate. “Synergy is made up of principal-level professionals, so all work is handled by top negotiators in the industry,” said Galaxidas.

Synergy’s most prestigious clients include NASA, Hitachi, Farmers Insurance, HP, DELL, Cisco Systems and Charles Schwab. Synergy does not charge for its service. “Since all leasing fees associated with a building are budgeted for and paid by the landlords, you will incur no costs while having expert representation to insure that you achieve the best lease terms possible,” said Galaxidas.

How Synergy differentiates itself from other firms:

  • We only work for Tenants, never Landlords: 100% Tenant Focused
  • Tremendous leverage and clout with Landlords
  • Value our client’s trust & confidence in our work
  • No Cost for our Service. Listing Agent splits their fee to represent your interests in the transaction
  • We guarantee we will secure the lowest cost on space

“We remove the conflict of interest inherent when a listing broker tries to represent both the tenant and landlord, whereby we never represent Landlords, only Tenants to secure you the best location and deal on space,” said Galaxidas.

“We do this through a proven process of first identifying all possible opportunities, and then negotiate exclusively for our client’s needs which allows us to get landlords to align themselves closer to our client’s interests,” said Galaxidas.

We do what no other Tenant Representation firm does:

  • We inventory the market on a daily basis.
  • We specialize in identifying hard to find “under-marketed” and “un-listed” opportunities.
  • We contact every property owner/listing broker on your behalf to uncover “off-market” lease opportunities.
  • When it comes time to negotiating the transaction, we draft and send out proposals on your behalf, leveraging one Landlord against the other to secure the best lease terms and rate on the space.

“At the end of the day, you receive a complete value added service which helps you avoid missed opportunities + saves you time and money since we do all the leg work for you,” said Galaxidas.