Jan 30, 2014
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NASA Finds Space on Earth with Assistance from Synergy Real Estate Group

NASAJust as NASA has exacting standards for its spacecraft, vendors and support staff, it also has strict requirements for its office space. For example, the minimum criteria of GS-12 or higher pay grades requires separate offices for responsibilities and security.

That was one of the considerations San Diego-based Synergy Real Estate Group faced when tasked by NASA to find a building to lease for 400 to 500 such employees near the Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

“We knew NASA wanted a property in close proximity to Goddard in a relatively short timeframe, so we tapped our international alliance of tenant-rep brokers who specialize in rapid turnaround,” said John Galaxidas, CEO/president of San Diego-based Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory LLC.

“With the assistance of Debra Stracke Anderson, president and CEO of Sloan Street Advisors, we co-brokered to represent NASA in the transaction, leasing 120,000 square feet of office space for 450 staff at 7700 Hubble Drive in Greenbelt.

“NASA was pleased and Debra was recently selected by the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal for one of The Best Deals of 2010 when the transaction was formally announced.”

The property is now headquarters of NASA’s Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) division. It also provides space for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and select U.S. Air Force staff involved with JPSS.

JPSS is the next-generation, multifunctional satellite system intended to replace current long-range weather satellites. In addition to its weather capabilities, JPSS will have advanced research and defense surveillance capabilities. The first of three satellites is anticipated to be launched in 2016 and JPSS, a major program within NASA, is expected to have a program life of 20-plus years following the launch.

The JPSS property is one of three that Synergy has delivered and negotiated for NASA in recent years.

“We identify space no other firm can find because we contact every property owner, landlord listing broker and corporation to find missed lease and sublease opportunities,” Galaxidas said. “Most tenant rep firms rely 100 percent on commercial listing services to identify space. At Synergy, we track every space in the local submarkets daily and to be sure that clients are made aware of all possibilities, as many are not marketed publicly.”

To differentiate itself from other Commercial Real Estate firm, Synergy never represents landlords, only tenants. There is no cost for its service.

– By Glenn Grant, The Daily Transcript

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